Welcome to the Doghouse, where we are passionate about what we do.

Look around you and you will see them,  Lying at your feet or warming your bed, they are known as Mans best friend.  They protect our homes and guard us with their lives.  They bring comfort and company to the lonely and smiles of joy to the sad and anxious.  They walk beside our every step, tails wagging at a trot.  They lead the blind to safety and hear the doorbell for those who cannot.  They warn the Epileptic of a coming seizure, and lift the paraplegic to safety.  They search in darkness for the lost and wounded, and emerge the hero who saved the day.  They conquer icy waters finding those lost to the sea and its rivers.  So faithfully they wait for us, faithful to the end.   They defend our countries, protecting their citizens, travelling in armed vehicles and airships, to places in need of their skill.  through our hardest hurts and life seasons they are always there, loving us, needing us, asking nothing in return.

They hold no grudges against us, seeking no revenge on our unfavourable treatment of them.  They are loyal and loving, seeking our acceptance and acknowledgement, they are a true and perfect blessing.